Bill PulkovskiBill Pulkovski was born in Detroit, MI on Friday the 13th of May, 1977. He began drawing at an early age as a way of personally connecting with the vivid world around him. Outside the early years of finger painting and crayon scribbles, Bill can remember the first time he realized that he had a knack for drawing when recreating a Pinocchio poster on his bedroom wall one boring afternoon. Bill was lucky to discover this new passion early in his life.

Growing up on the urban streets of Detroit, he was surrounded by a diverse environment and eclectic cultures. Soon Influences of comic books, music and film began to shape his young mind and spilled over into his artwork. After taking every art class possible in high school, Bill attended Macomb College and attained his degree in Illustration for advertising.

His work has been described as being rooted in realism with expressive color, arresting composition and an exciting energy. Bill taps into both the heart and fringes of popular culture to create pieces that attract all walks of life. Bill describes his style as being like water. That his work flows and will fill any task or project.

Today, Bill is a freelance illustrator and designer. He also returned to his alma mater as an illustration instructor. You can find his work in comic books, trading cards, prints, magazines and film. He’s worked on many official projects for popular properties such as Star Wars, Marvel and Paramount Pictures just to name a few.

Home is a small suburb of Detroit, Michigan, where he lives with his wife, Sara and two daughters, Annabel and Sophia. He enjoys fishing, reading, film, cooking, sports and his friends.